How to Repair Earth Moving Equipment in 7 Steps

African Plant & Equipment provides earth moving equipment, plant hire and machinery to the African mining industry. One of our key values is safety and this is crucial if you are faced with a problem when using your earth moving equipment.

If you do happen to run into trouble, we offer an onsite repair service and solutions for your mining machinery, or you can follow this 7 step plan to diagnose the problem and repair it.

Finding the problem with your plant and heavy equipment

1. What is the problem?

You firstly need to figure out what is wrong with the equipment. Consult the manual to ensure that you are operating the equipment correctly. If you are then check to see if to see if the machinery maintenance has been completed. This includes, for example, lubing the joints, changing the oil and maintaining the spark plugs.

It is best to make yourself a checklist to ensure that all the maintenance is kept up to date. Checking the cables, fluid levels and general cleanliness, including removing rocks and debris for the equipment, are all crucial steps that should be regularly taken to ensure effective operation of your mining machinery.

2. Still having trouble?

All the actions in step 1 should be repeated on a daily basis and if you are still having trouble with your heavy machinery then you should consult the troubleshooting guides in your manual, or you can contact African Plant and Equipment as we offer solutions to help guide you through the problem with your mining machinery.

3. Who should troubleshoot the problem?

It is crucial that you are safe and smart when handling mining machinery to avoid personal injury and/or damage to the equipment. If you are inexperienced when it comes to repairing earth moving equipment then you can consult our plant hire and mining machinery experts to come to your site and repair the equipment for you. For those of you who have experience repairing plant and equipment, have located the problem and are comfortable in your ability to fix the problem, you can continue to step 4.

Repairing plant and equipment

4. Locate the manual

If you are repairing the equipment yourself then it is important that you fully understand the problem. Once you have a complete diagnosis you should consult a professional repair manual that has been specifically prepared for the make and model of earth moving equipment that you are using.

Contact African Plant & Equipment and one of our experts can help advise you on obtaining the correct manual for your mining machinery.

5. Read through the manual thoroughly

Consult the section in the manual the covers how to repair your machinery. You will need to study this thoroughly and prepare a list of the tools and equipment that you will need.

6. Repair the machinery

Once you completely understand how to repair your earth moving machinery and you have the necessary tools to complete the job then you can proceed carefully with the repair. As this can sometimes be a long and complicated process, we recommend that if you are dissembling your machinery then you should take photographs of each step so that you can easily recall how to put it back together again.

7. Test the equipment

Test your plant and equipment to check that if works successfully. If you are still having trouble and do not know why then it is best to contact African Plant and Equipment as we offer on-site repairs and machinery hire solutions for your earth-moving equipment. Call us on 011 100 2391 or enquire via our website.