8 Essential Places to Visit in Zambia

Recognised as one of the world’s fastest economically reformed countries and a key player in the African mining sector, Zambia is a country that you should look forward to visiting on your next trip. To help you get the most from your stay we’ve picked out 8 of the top spots to add on the itinerary, including world recognised landmarks, diverse wildlife, shopping, striking art and rich culture.

1.    Victoria Falls

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as “The Smoke That Thunders”, is an awe-inspiring natural wonder. In periods of high-flow, Victoria Falls creates an unbroken sheet of water more than a mile wide and is twice the height of the Niagara Falls.

2.    Kafue National Park and the Lower Zambezi National Park

Kafue National Park is known for its boat trips and Lower Zambezi for its spectacular fishing. Both will offer you an extraordinary opportunity to experience diverse African wildlife first hand.

3.    Lilayi Lodge and Livingstone Island

Taking a weekend away from business at the modern and scenic Lilayi Lodge will give you a chance to rest and recharge, while still having the opportunity to take a game drive and see some of the extraordinary animal life in Zambia. Another fantastic weekend escape is Livingstone Island, with swimming in the famous Devil’s Pool and some of Zambia’s most dramatic landscapes to enjoy.

4.    Munda Wanga Environmental Park

More of Zambia's stunning scenery can be found at the Munda Wanga Environmental Park, which is a peaceful location to relax while also enjoying the Botanical Gardens.

5.    Chipata City

There are also a number of essential things to see in the cities of Zambia – Chipata City, in fifth place on our list, offers an attractive Central Mosque. There are also the Kanjala Hill hiking trails, providing a beautiful location for picnics.

6.    Soweto Market

Zambian mining may be what initially brings you to Zambia, but that will seem a world away when visiting the Soweto Market. This market is a unique opportunity to experience life for the local people of Zambia, while shopping for almost anything you can think of.

7.    Henry Tayala Gallery

The Henry Tayala Gallery in Lusaka is the ninth must see location on our list with its fascinating stock of native artefacts and art, many of which are available for purchase.

8.    Anglican Cathedral

Rounding out our essential places to visit in Zambia list is the Anglican Cathedral, also in Lusaka, with its beautiful stained glass windows and elegant design.

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