The A-list of Earth Moving Equipment

Backhoe loaders

A backhoe loader is a tractor style vehicle with a bucket on the front and a digger, or backhoe on the back.

Backhoes are one of the most versatile pieces of smaller earth moving equipment and are commonly used in urban environments where space and access are limited. Backhoes range in size from a small 87 hp unit capable of digging up to 4.3m deep to larger 124 hp machines with a dig depth of up to 5.24m.


Excavators have a bucket which is controlled by hydraulics and is mounted on an arm-like boom and stick. Excavators generally have tracks instead of wheels and the operator’s cabin, called the ‘house’ is located directly over the tracks and able to rotate a full 360 degrees.

These machines are capable of moving a lot of material quickly and have many applications in mining, construction and general earth moving. Excavators come in a broad range of sizes from 24 hp mini excavators with a 1.3m blade and displacement of through to machines as large as 532 hp with displacement of 181m3.


A Bulldozer,or simply ‘dozer’ as they’re more commonly referred to in the industry, is large machine on tracks with a wide blade designed to push material around.

Dozers are used for road building, construction, mining and many other earth moving projects. A large dozer like the Caterpillar D11 has a 770 hp engine and a blade large enough to move 43m3 of material.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks or haul trucks are the workhorses of the mine or construction site, carting millions of tonnes of material from one point to another in loads of up to 300 tonnes a time.

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